Why we would need interior designers?

Do we really need a designer to design interior of our house or office? If you are in the process of building your dream house or building then it is something you really need to think about.  Interior designing is as important as any other designing fields.  Hiring a interior designer is a great idea if you have invested good amount of money and want to show it off. Many times we spend lots of money on our building but final result will disappoint us.  Importance of a interior designers truly comes when you have no idea how to design your home/office, or you have an idea about how your home/office should look like but don’t know how to execute or you have all idea about interior designing but finally no time.

There is a misconception about hiring an interior designer. Still many thinks that interior designer is only for those who have lots of money. The reality is so far from this thoughts. Actually interior designers will save your time and money along making your home/office looks stunning. Here is why hiring a famous interior designers is a great idea

  • It saves your money

I know it sound weird. It is just the consultancy fees make someone to think that hiring a interior designer is a costing think.  A designer is a key tool to avert the premium blunders and save your precious amount that you can invest on your home

  • Bring professional touch to your dream house/home

A designer from an interior designing firm shares that most of his client has had broken ideas about the design but consulted them because they failed to execute the broken piece into a solid plan.  Only a designer can give the professional idea to their clients.

  • Conceivable budgeting

An interior designer would be having perfect idea about resources availability and price of it. So this will help you to save time as well to have a clear idea about the budget that need to spend. Most of the interior designing firm will have almost all the resources to make their work easier by saving time and budget.

  • Bonding between architects

There is one more factor which will manage the time and money of the building process and that is the bonding between the architect and interior designers. An interior designer will be having the talent to bride strong bonding between architects and will lead the working process easier.

  • Easily availability of resource

There are many thing which designer can easily available than a general person can get. Throughout their education and experience they will be having contact with almost all the person who provide resource which a client want and with many other home Improvement industry. This will help you to reduce the headache and make the process easier.

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Eco-friendly Interior Designing

Eco-Friendly Interior Designing is the minimizing the resources involved in construction and Interior designing firm taking up eco-friendly materials with emphasis on the health and environmental impact of the same. The benefits of green interior design come include low maintenance cost, better air quality, energy efficiency, better waste management and low exposure to toxic material.

An Eco-friendly interior focuses on improving indoor air quality as well as reducing the impact that furniture purchases have on the environment. Eco-friendly products used to create this room include 100% natural sisal carpet in biscuit, a Factory 2 contemporary wall mural using eco paper and inks, and walls painted in the zero-VOC paint in Tampico.

Apart from creating an eco-friendly exterior design, having a green interior would also be better. Of course, it would be good to have a home wherein people are in good health condition and those inside it are all helpful for the environment. Designing a home with the environment and the well-being of the people in mind is called sustainable designing. So, if you want to achieve an eco-friendly interior, here are some tips to help you. Read on and learn from them.

Another smart way of creating an eco-friendly indoor is by letting the sunlight in and maximizing daylight. You can do this by using skylights and open shades. You can also let your windows face south to get enough sunlight. Using daylight in lieu of electrical lighting can be of great advantage to you because it can save electrical bills and prevent the emission of pollutants inside the house.

This would be a great help not just for the environment but also to the users. Using a compact fluorescent light can help you save energy and electrical power. It can also prevent the emission of greenhouse gasses and pollutants which can be harmful to your health and the environment. So when you look for lighting, look into the labels and choose those that are energy-efficient.

Well, of course, you would use furniture that is made from organic materials. It can be made of wood blocks, while the table tops can be made of marble or stone. You do not have to be afraid if it comes to design because you can still get the kind of design you want. You can even request for customized wooden or bamboo furniture. This can give a more personal touch to your room.

Many people wonder how they can create a stylish, eco-friendly interior. An interior designer who specializes in creating eco-friendly spaces has outlined her choice of furniture, soft furnishing and decor so you can create your own eco-friendly retreats.

Became Yourself an interior Designer For your House

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Have you ever wonder how someone did this after walked in to a perfectly styled room. It is not that easy to make a room perfectly cool. Selecting furniture, paint color and accessories which match each other take lots of effort for a normal person.

Home decorators and interior designers have the unique eye and expertise to see all these elements at once and make a beautiful room come together with ease. By making use of some home décor tricks you can also design your rooms. Some of home interior designing ideas

  • Stop Overcrowding Your Room

One of the main tips that every interior designers suggest is to not over crowd your room with two much of things. While designing room some get too much excited and get lots of stuffs to room and at the end when arranges everything in the room, the room will be congested and over crowded with many things. In order to avoid these problems a proper preplanning is required. Plan the item that you want to place on the room.

  • Choose a Color Scheme

Color of the room is also a important factor that make a room to look great.Different colors of the wall have different Impact on our mood.  Paint for kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom can’t be same. When you are planning what accessories will go on a room you also need to think about what color will go with that.  There are thousands of color pallets that may work well in any space. It’s best to think about your personal preference initial. Are you a lot of ancient in your home décor? A neutral-based combination with grey, beige and white may work best for you. Does one a love an area with personality? Play with numerous bright colors and a cool neutral that may work along absolutely.

  • Don’t Keep Furniture against The Wall

Instinctively, several folks prefer to push our furnishings against walls to form an area that’s open and huge. However, interior designers say putting furnishings far from walls offers the illusion of more room. It helps aid in spoken communication and build a comfy atmosphere.

We all have a mindset that hiring an interior designing firm will increase our cost of work but actual fact is not that. Hiring a interior designer will make all process fast and gives the perfect finishing to our house

New Trends in Hotel Interior Designing

Hotels of today have clearly adapted to the social changes of the changing times. We can clearly see the signs of evolution in terms of hotel interior designing which are directly proportional to the needs of commuters. Starting from rearranging guestroom configurations to more personalized experience, to making spacious lobbies which are more welcoming in nature, there has indeed been a shift in the way one presumes a hotel to be. We aren’t sure if you have noticed these peculiar interior designing features, but here are the highlights of some of the newest twists in the hospitality industry.

  1. Lobbies envisioned as dynamic multi-use spaces

There is an increasing demand of spacious lobbies with over the top interior designs and wide range of facilities. Social encounters are totally dependent on this particular hotel area. Gone are the days of simple sofa with a coffee table. As majority of bookings comprises of business class people, the need of wide range of facilities such as multiple charging plugs for various devices including laptops and phones of all kinds has increased by leaps and bounds. Having an extravagant entrance with huge walls is one of the major traits of any hotels of today.

  1. Rethinking guestroom configurations

Hotel interior designing is no more a simple work. Ones expectations towards hotel rooms have changed dramatically. No longer does one get impressed by the regular arrangement of bed, table and locker. Everyone is looking forward towards the surprises which are in store for them. Extravagant rooms with huge TV panels, dining area and an extra sofa besides the bed are some of the key ingredients that make up for an impressive trendy hotel room.

  1. Spa-like Bathroom

Ones perception towards bathrooms has changed dramatically. No longer does one perceive bathroom as an auxiliary room which has to be limited in order to exceed the living area. A resort like spa coupled with a bath tub is what a modern day luxury hotel bathroom is expected to have. Extravagant interiors are something that makes a hotel likable.

  1. Ultimate dining experience

There are examples of restaurants which have been turned into a memorable dining place simply by giving a particular theme to their interiors. Themes are highly recommended in pushing the envelope of creativity to new heights. These alone can help turn each venue into a destination in itself. Like they say cooking is an art and so should be the exhibition space.

We are sure that each and every one of you might have very well noticed the above traits and are definitely having high expectations towards the hotels that they are planning to stay at next time when they are on a business or leisure trip.

Top 5 interior designing firms in Mumbai

Finding an interior designing firm in Mumbai would be a time consuming work since the number best interior designing service providers are more. The need of interior designing firms in a city like Mumbai is more since more people are in need of designer for their residential as well commercial firms. The misconception that hiring a interior designer would cost more is vanished and thus the need for designers also increased. Let me list down 5 best and top interior designing firms in Mumbai

 1 ) Bric design Group

BRIC Design Pvt. Ltd. is a full service architectural, interiors and urban space planning firm. The Company was established in 2006, by Architect and Designer – Brijesh Chinai, with a vision to use contextual design to elevate the environment around people as well as their spirits. BRIC Design’s expertise in Passive Solar Architecture / Climactic Architecture and its use of technologies and systems that are intelligent and responsive, ensures optimal access of wind and sunlight, as well as maximization of energy performance, water resources and waste recycling. With the team of experienced and talented interior designers and architects they are providing the best service in Mumbai. Each of their work is mind blowing and they are an award winners too.

Website: http://www.bricgroup.in/

Contact : 1, Kamla Hub, 13th Floor, JVPD Scheme, Mumbai – 400 049

Email: info@bricgroup.in

Services Provided: Interiors, architecture, project management for residential and commercial building, Conservation and restoration of old building

Source: From website

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Bric Design Group

2) Design Plus 

Design Plus is an Independent Design Consultancy Specializing in Business and Corporate Interiors. Over the Years, we have Achieved Eminence in Creating Sophisticated Ambiences for a Distinctive Multifaceted Client-Community, ranging from the Service, Retail and Commercial to Business Process Outsourcing Sectors. Our Team is led by Veteran Architects and Interior Design Professionals having Decades of Versatile Field Experience in the Interior Design, Architecture and Allied Operations

Website: http://www.designplusindia.com/

Contact: Gogatewadi Aarey Road, Churi Wadi, Goregaon East

Email: info@designplus.in

Service Provided: Interior Designing, Project Management, Design Build Services

Source: From website

design plus
Design Plus

3) Aum Architects

Aum Architects is a leading consultant in Architectural, Civil and Interior Design services in India and around the world. At Aum Architects they offer our residential and commercial clients a range of services across a variety of domains. Aum Architects is committed to consistently delivering ideas that meet the challenges and demands of the construction industry today

Website: www.aumarch.com

Contact: A 20, Antophill warehousing complex, Barkatali naka, Imax road, Wadala east

Email id:  aumarchitect@gmail.com

Service provided : Architectural Works, interior works

Source: From website

aum architecture
Aum Architecture

4)  Somaya and Kalappa Consultants

SNK was founded in Mumbai as Somaya & Kalappa Consultants in 1978. Spanning over four decades, this multi-award winning practice is currently led by founder and principal architect Brinda Somaya and her lawyer turned architect daughter, Nandini Sampat. SNK continues to build upon its inclusive mode of practice enabling it to take on diverse projects at all scales.

Website : www.snkindia.com

Contact : Udyog Bhavan, 29, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate

Email : mumbai@snkindia.com

Services Provided :Architecture, Housing Architecture Commercial Interior Design

Source: From website

Somaya and Kalappa Consultants

5) Home Makers Interior

home makers interior designers & decorators private limited with more than 25 years of experience offers a complete range of high end interior design services and decoration of commercial and residential outfits in different communities throughout india such as mumbai, delhi, nagpur, chandigarh, goa etc

Website : www.homemakersinterior.com

Contact : A/1702, Evershine Cosmic, Opp. Infinity Mall, Off New Link road, Andheri (west)

Email: info@homemakersinterior.com

Services Provided : Vastu Consultation, Interior Design, Architecture

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Home makers interior